Wetherspoon's carpets are a thing....

When you think of pub carpets - you think of regency colours and damask swirls - dark colours to hide a multitude of (pub) sins.

But did you know that each carpet in a Wethersoon's pub is an individual work of art? And not cheap - they are manufactured by Wiltons Carpets inSalisbury - using the Axminster  process - each one can be £20K+ a pop.


Every pub carpet tells a story, for example the Britannia in Plymouth is designed to resemble a cruise ship. The in-house architects and designers at Wetherspoon's pick the pub name and then the design take ideas from the building and the town.

There a re over 900 Wetherspoon in the UK -  and do they all really have an individual carpet design? - there is a lot of debate - so much so that Kit Caless started a blog - photographing the carpets (and usually his shoes) in different pubs - then other people started submitting their pictures to the blog  (I advise against looking with a hangover.)


Such was the success of the blog - Kit Caless has now published a book 'Spoon's Carpets. An Appreciation' Kit Caless available from Penguin books.

Next time you go into a Wetherspoon's pub - remember to look at the floor...