THAT carpet...

The Shining and its famous location - The Outlook Hotel

Having spend a small period of time working on film sets - I've been fascinating of late, about the carpets and rugs used on sets. I do look at rugs in films - but I guess I may be the only one?

So after a not very scientific straw poll - I've found the most memorable movie carpet to be that of the Outlook Hotel in The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick

The carpet is a glorious 1970's geometric pattern is laid down in the corridors of the hotel - and boy are there theories about its meaning (but not as many as theories about the film itself.) If you want to know more watch the film 'Room 237' 

One theory about Kubrick was contracted to produce fake film footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing - and that the carpets geometric shape replicates the overhead shape of the launchpad. The room number in the film, Room 237 refers to the distance of the earth to the moon (237,000 miles) and Danny - the young boy in the film is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater

This hexagonal pattern is the backdrop for a turning point in the film, right before Danny enters the room 237, a moment that kicks off the family's downward spiral.